A  Well Kneaded Massage

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Flower Essence Puyallup WA

Providing wellness solutions for stress and injury along with achieving the best of life's potential in a holistic manor

Massage Therapy


1 hour Swedish massage $65

1 hour deep tissue  $75 

1 1/2 hour massage-$95

Buy 3  massage treatments at $225 get a free body treatment

Buy 5 massage treatments  get one FREE at $375

Hot Stone Massage-(90 min. treatment $149)
 warm stones are strategically placed on  your body combined with coconut massage oil to release tension and restore balance, and positive energy 

Aroma-Touch (45 min treatment $45)
A treatment combining 8 different essential oils combined in a series stimulating the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems to elicit wellness and your bodies own healing process

Auriculotherapy-(30 min. treatment $40)
Ear acupressure that stimulates the nerve connections between the ear and the central nervous system, soothing chronic pain, anxiety, or headaches

Nourishing Mineral Treatment (30 min. $45)
Bentonite clay is the most powerful detoxifying natural substance on the earth with high drawing power of toxic substances from your body, added with mineral rich algae this is the perfect treatment to replenish and nourish your body

Infra-Red Sauna (60 min. $25)
Helps your body release a number of toxic chemicals including mercury and lead. It can also help you loose weight, relax, and relieve unwanted  pain BUY 5 GET ONE FREE 

Dead Sea Mineral Scrub (30 min. $65)
A refreshing scrub that exfoliates dry skin for a healthy rejuvenating glow, revitalizing the skin with a soft silky touch enriched with dead sea minerals