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Providing wellness solutions for stress and injury along with achieving the best of life’s potential in a holistic manor.  Some insurance plans accepted and auto injury

Swedish Massage
Designed to remove severe tension and relieve muscle and connective tissue problems below the surface.
60 minutes – $75  Package 6 month membership $420 ( $70 a month) 12 month membership at $780 ($65 a month)

Add CBD for an additional $25                                 

Deep Tissue  Treatment
Relieving both muscle and connective tissue issues along with improving range of motion, healing injuries below the surface. Working with your health insurance, auto accident, and on the job, injury coordinating with your doctors. Keeping detailed charts and comprehensive treatment plans to help you recover as soon as possible.

Himalayan Salt Stone – 90 minute $149 
Himalayan crystal salt, also known as Himalayan pink salt, comes from the Himalayan mountain range and is said to be the purest salt on earth. It developed millions of years ago when ancient seas evaporated and has remained untouched by modern day pollution. The salt contains 85 percent sodium chloride and 84 minerals. It is extremely pure, whereas even organic sea salt can be polluted from today’s sadly toxic oceans. These minerals can help your body balance its pH, regulate water content, remove toxins, help absorb nutrients, and is generally more nutritious for your body.

Kansa-Wand Facial
A natural facelift it helps revitilize and plumps skin, soften fine lines, decrease puffiness around eyes, firms jawline and cheekbones, all with relaxing the neck and shoulders – $55


A treatment combining 8 different essential oils combined in a series stimulating the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems to elicit wellness and your body’s own healing process.
30 minutes – $50


A Treatment that relaxes the muscles around your face, neck, and shoulders, easing the tiredness from the entire body along with promoting better circulation.  The smell of essential oils and  moisturizer along with the heat from the hot towel will not only make you relaxed physically but also mentally.  30 minutes $50


 Imagine a soft, billowing comforter, drifting peacefully on a warm breeze.  This is the feeling you will recieve with a herbal compress of lavender, chamomile, and mugwart, catnip, and rose petals specially designed  to quiet your mind and let go of all your worries.  1 hour - $95


CRYSTAL HEALING:  Release negative thought patterns and traumatic experiences allowing calm and peace within. 1 hour treatment $195.00

GEMSTONE HEALING: Using the power of sound and crystals to unblock and restore areas of need: Mind, Emotions, Physical Body, Spatial Perseption, Physical Body, Libido, Internal Physical Issues, Pure Mind Thought, or Empowerment. 1 hour treatment $195.00

ENSOFIC REIKI: as an Ensofic Reiki practitioner, I act as a vessel radiating life force energy through my hands into the clients body. It’s a high vibrational, non physical force that has a cleansing and purifying effect on the body. Benefits include accelerating your bodies ability to heal itself, enhances sleep, reduces blood pressure, boosts immune system, aleviates anxiety and so much more. $150.00

LIFE ACTIVATION: This is an activation that awakens your Divine blueprint and heightens your connection to your higher self! While enabling you to bring in and anchor more light (positive energy) In your physical body,the Life Activation also enpowers you to maximise your potential and bring forth your talents and abilities, and it can give you more vitality and clarity.  It begins a process of releasing unconscience patterns ( old emotional traps) while increasing your abilitiy to use your brain and clears family and genetic karmic patterns. In addition the session includes several energy alignments to help you achieve a sense of peace and connection between your mind body and spirit.  $195.00

AURA CLEANSE: Your aura is heavily impacted by the situations and people you interact with due to the constand exchanging of energies.  As a result you may feel stressed, anxious, irritated, or even have a negative view of the world. Just as we take care of our physical body we need to take care of our energy body. (nourish your soul) It will help you feel more optimistic and more pleasant to be around. $150.00

MAX MEDITATION: A form of meditation based om a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobatics mixed with modern techniques of psychology and Neuro-linguistic programming.  Its based on the 5 componants of meditation, Relaxation, Passive Meditation, Active Meditiation, Guided Visualization, and Soothing down.  $20.00

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