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  • 02/11/2021 - awellkneadedmassagellc 0 Comments

    Babies (and their parents) benefit hugely from the power of touch. just soothing a touching your infant calms and relaxes them, a full or part body massage is going to do them a world of good- just as it does and adult. Studies have shown that massaging a baby can help to reduce crying and fussiness, help them to sleep better and for longer, and even alleviate some painful conditions like colic. Some experts also believe that baby massage helps fend off germs and illnesses by boosting their developing immune system.

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  • 02/11/2021 - awellkneadedmassagellc 5 Comments
    COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS; What can Massage do for YOU?

    Massages are often sold as an indulgent treat that you get when you visit a spa or go on vacation, but there’s so much more to massage that just a feel good treat. Did you know that the symptoms of many health problems can be reduced and even eliminated with regular massage? Here are a few conditions that mssage can work really well on; a few you probably know and some that may surprise you!

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  • 02/11/2021 - awellkneadedmassagellc 0 Comments

    There is no escaping the truth; winter is coming around again. The days are going to get shorter and sweaters are going to have to come out of the wardrobe. It’s not unusual for people to get the “winter blues”- which is a condition many people in the northern hemisphere are afflicted with due to the lack of sunlight during the colder and darker winter months.

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  • 02/11/2021 - awellkneadedmassagellc 0 Comments
    5 Reasons Why You Should Never Feel Guilty Getting a Massage.

    People everywhere, especially women, seem to feel guilty about taking time out to look after themselves. It’s OK when it’s a gym session, because that’s virtuous and ‘hard work’ – but if all we’re investing our time in is an hour or so of being relaxed beyond belief at the hands of a massage therapist, it’s as if we’re committing a deadly sin by prioritising our own wellbeing. Well, we have news for you. Your wellbeing is important and self-care is a vital part of looking after that wellbeing.

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  • 04/22/2020 - awellkneadedmassagellc 0 Comments

    Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. … Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out

    During a treatment session, a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body aligned with these chakra points, roughly in the regions above the head, on the forehead, on the throat, on the chest, on the stomach, on the gut.  The stones used and their positioning may be chosen for the symptoms reported by the patient. This is all influenced by the healer’s knowledge of, and belief in, the chakra philosophy of disease and energy imbalances — a philosophy that is largely dismissed by practitioners of Western medicine

    In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties, though healers have different ideas about which stones possess which properties. Amethyst, for example, is believed by some to be beneficial for the intestines; green aventurine helps the heart; yellow topaz provides mental clarity. Colors red through violet are associated with seven chakra points on the body.

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  • 04/21/2020 - awellkneadedmassagellc 0 Comments

    We’ve all seen offers on Groupon and the other discount beauty and wellness apps for cut price massage, but if your happy with your massage therapist or body worker, there are probably more reasons for you to stick with them than there are to jump around and follow the bargains. 

    Not all massage or massage therapists are made equal, and it’s worth looking at the reasons why you should stickwith the therapist you’ve been seeing before you start table hopping!

    Did you notiice that when your first went to see your holistic therapist, they asked you a lot of questions? It’s important that anyone doing any kind of bodywork on a client knows as much as they can about their lifestyle, health, any medications they might be on and also… what they want from their massage sessions? Are you there to address a specific problem or just to keep your wellbeing in check? 

    This is a necessity- all clinics, spas and  massage centers should do this as a matter of routine, and also it helps the massage therapist when they are planning your next treatment.  They will make notes about how you’ve responded to pressure, any areas that may have caused discomfort and what you’ve noted after the initial treatment.  This all forms an ongiong record of your massage or bodywork journey and makes life so much easier for the both of yuu.

    If you visit a  new therapist, he or she will have to start all over again and ask you all about your lifestyle, health, medical conditiions and previous treaments.  You could have spent that time accually having a massage, so your doubling your effort and wasting money and time that could have been spent making you feel good.

    After a few sessions, your therapist will get to know you, so you will be able to tell where the knots are, where your troublesome areas might be and places to avoid.  This will make your massage session much more effective-your therapist won’t be guessing or waiting for you to tell them what’s working for you and what you do and don’t like.  She will also be able to see the results of the bodywork she’s already carried out for you, and you’ll be more relaxed as you start to trust her, reducing stress even more.

    The more you see a particular massage therapist, the more she or he will learn about your body and how it reacts to different techniques.  Your client notes will be regularly updated so it’s easy to see what’s working

    Yes swapping for a 50% money off deal might be tempting, but if you want the best massag, stick to someone you know does the job properly.  Be sure to booi your appointment in advance when you find a therapist that y ou like working with, this will keep you on a regular schedule and you won’t have to worry about calling all over for a last minute emergency appointment.

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  • 03/17/2019 - awellkneadedmassagellc 5 Comments

    I get asked this question a lot.  A massage treatment should be all about you as a customer and what is comfortable for you.  That is why treatment work is so diverse, deep tissue doesn’t just mean deep presure.  And if it hurts you should be telling the therapist about your discomfort if they don’t notice already.  Sometimes treatment can consist of stretching and there are a lot of techniques out there like tai yoga, chair massage, active isolated stretching.  Tai yoga massage incorporates yoga posture like forward bends, spinal twists etc.  And Active Isolated Stretching is muscle lengthening and fascia release it is a form of sports massage that provides effective dynamic facilitated stretching.  Don’t let the fear of getting undressed stop you fom making that decision.  Massage is such a beneficial tool in keeping you healthy, talk with your therapists if they don’t understand  your needs then they might not be the right choice for you. 

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  • 01/21/2019 - awellkneadedmassagellc 6 Comments


    In the past 50-100n years our food supply has changed dramatially.  Going from growing and harvesting with our own two hands to producing concoctions that are made in food laboratories.  With artificial sweeteners, colors, flavor enhancers, stabalizers, hormones, and antiobiotics.  And not to mention genetically modified, no wonder we are getting sicker and sicker year after year.  There are many adverse effects attributed to the consumption of fake food.  From minor complaints like ezema, nausea, allergies, and migrains. To more severe disorders like irritable bowel, lupis, alzheimers, and even cancer.  Eating whole food and getting away from packaged stuff is a must. You can start by taking a visit to your local farm or farmers market.  It also helps stimulate your local economy.  

    Sugar has sparked a controversy amoung scientists for years.  Is it as addicting as cocain, nicotine, or alcahol?  It does effect the same endorfin receptors called beta-endorphins. These receptors are in the emotional center of the brain and responsible for the release of the feel good hormones called dopeamine.  The thought of sugar addiction may sound strange to you.  But human evolution has not caught up with the sugar industry.  It’s in everything from crackers to frozen entree’s.  Some fat free products have more sugar than their regular counterparts. Our bodies are just not equipped to metabolize such large amounts of sugaron a daily basis.  So when you eat a cookie with sugar your body freaks out.  It starts to pull calcluim from your bones, tissues, and teeth in order to properly digest it.  The depletion of calclum leads to a host of other health issues including obesityand a host of many other diseases. 

    Getting the sugar out of your diet is one of the most important things you can do. You can start by reading the food labels and paying attention to the amount of sugar.  You will be surprised, by just being aware you will start to make changes.  Start out by staying under 8 grams of sugar per serving, but the less is better.  You’ll be surprised how your craving for it will go down. And eliminating processed foods will enable you to conquere your sugar cravings, and stabalizing your energy, making you feel healthier than ever before.

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  • 10/17/2018 - awellkneadedmassagellc 32 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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