We’ve all seen offers on Groupon and the other discount beauty and wellness apps for cut price massage, but if your happy with your massage therapist or body worker, there are probably more reasons for you to stick with them than there are to jump around and follow the bargains. 

Not all massage or massage therapists are made equal, and it’s worth looking at the reasons why you should stickwith the therapist you’ve been seeing before you start table hopping!

Did you notiice that when your first went to see your holistic therapist, they asked you a lot of questions? It’s important that anyone doing any kind of bodywork on a client knows as much as they can about their lifestyle, health, any medications they might be on and also… what they want from their massage sessions? Are you there to address a specific problem or just to keep your wellbeing in check? 

This is a necessity- all clinics, spas and  massage centers should do this as a matter of routine, and also it helps the massage therapist when they are planning your next treatment.  They will make notes about how you’ve responded to pressure, any areas that may have caused discomfort and what you’ve noted after the initial treatment.  This all forms an ongiong record of your massage or bodywork journey and makes life so much easier for the both of yuu.

If you visit a  new therapist, he or she will have to start all over again and ask you all about your lifestyle, health, medical conditiions and previous treaments.  You could have spent that time accually having a massage, so your doubling your effort and wasting money and time that could have been spent making you feel good.

After a few sessions, your therapist will get to know you, so you will be able to tell where the knots are, where your troublesome areas might be and places to avoid.  This will make your massage session much more effective-your therapist won’t be guessing or waiting for you to tell them what’s working for you and what you do and don’t like.  She will also be able to see the results of the bodywork she’s already carried out for you, and you’ll be more relaxed as you start to trust her, reducing stress even more.

The more you see a particular massage therapist, the more she or he will learn about your body and how it reacts to different techniques.  Your client notes will be regularly updated so it’s easy to see what’s working

Yes swapping for a 50% money off deal might be tempting, but if you want the best massag, stick to someone you know does the job properly.  Be sure to booi your appointment in advance when you find a therapist that y ou like working with, this will keep you on a regular schedule and you won’t have to worry about calling all over for a last minute emergency appointment.


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