Babies (and their parents) benefit hugely from the power of touch. just soothing a touching your infant calms and relaxes them, a full or part body massage is going to do them a world of good- just as it does and adult. Studies have shown that massaging a baby can help to reduce crying and fussiness, help them to sleep better and for longer, and even alleviate some painful conditions like colic. Some experts also believe that baby massage helps fend off germs and illnesses by boosting their developing immune system.

Giving your baby a massage helps to stimulate their central nervous system, which make their brain produce more feel-good serotonin and less stress-inducing cortisol.  this slows down their heart rate and breathing, making them relax.  Baby massage is greal for infants mental well-being as well as their physical health: affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are important tools for parents to use to bond with little ones.

The effects of learning baby massage are also felt by parents- if your feeling stressed and out of control with a crying baby, a gentle massage can help both of you calm down, leaving you feeling in more control.  You can start by choosing a time when your baby is awake and alert but calm. Don’t attempt to massage a baby who is already crying or fussy as you could over stimulate their nervouse system and exaberate the problem. 

Some benefits may include:

Relaxing and Calming for babies and parents
Helps with muscle tone and developement
can help sooth tummy troubles and teething pain
helps calm baby at bedtime
encourages parent and baby bonding
and it’s a great way to involve significant other’s in baby’s routine
I’m including a link highlighting some of the basic research on infant massage


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