In the past 50-100n years our food supply has changed dramatially.  Going from growing and harvesting with our own two hands to producing concoctions that are made in food laboratories.  With artificial sweeteners, colors, flavor enhancers, stabalizers, hormones, and antiobiotics.  And not to mention genetically modified, no wonder we are getting sicker and sicker year after year.  There are many adverse effects attributed to the consumption of fake food.  From minor complaints like ezema, nausea, allergies, and migrains. To more severe disorders like irritable bowel, lupis, alzheimers, and even cancer.  Eating whole food and getting away from packaged stuff is a must. You can start by taking a visit to your local farm or farmers market.  It also helps stimulate your local economy.  

Sugar has sparked a controversy amoung scientists for years.  Is it as addicting as cocain, nicotine, or alcahol?  It does effect the same endorfin receptors called beta-endorphins. These receptors are in the emotional center of the brain and responsible for the release of the feel good hormones called dopeamine.  The thought of sugar addiction may sound strange to you.  But human evolution has not caught up with the sugar industry.  It’s in everything from crackers to frozen entree’s.  Some fat free products have more sugar than their regular counterparts. Our bodies are just not equipped to metabolize such large amounts of sugaron a daily basis.  So when you eat a cookie with sugar your body freaks out.  It starts to pull calcluim from your bones, tissues, and teeth in order to properly digest it.  The depletion of calclum leads to a host of other health issues including obesityand a host of many other diseases. 

Getting the sugar out of your diet is one of the most important things you can do. You can start by reading the food labels and paying attention to the amount of sugar.  You will be surprised, by just being aware you will start to make changes.  Start out by staying under 8 grams of sugar per serving, but the less is better.  You’ll be surprised how your craving for it will go down. And eliminating processed foods will enable you to conquere your sugar cravings, and stabalizing your energy, making you feel healthier than ever before.



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