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Posted on April 10, 2017 at 9:15 PM

If you are not extremely busy in today's society, you are the exeption and not the rule.  We are all in high gear; we overextend, over achieve and over stress ourselves to the point of breaking.  This can have a lasting negative effects on our health! Here are a few ways to break the cycle: 


It is so easy to be upset when things do no go our way.  From the moment we spill our coffee, lock our keys in the car, and forget our lunch, a spiral of circumstances can set us off into a tailspin of negativity.

We can choose to stay in a state of discontent and let that dictate our day, or we can be grateful for the other things in our lives even if they are not present in front of us right now.

Did you ever notice that when something nice happens, we tend to smile for a moment and then move on? However, when something goes wrong, we feel the need to tell everyone and anyone that will listen.  It is in those exact moments that we need to focus on what we are grateful for, that is how we can instantly change our perspective and attitude.  Keeping the focus on grattitude offers your mind something to smile about, regardless of outside circumstances.  Focusing on people, places, and even things that make your grateful, gives your mind a break from stress!


Being in the moment has become a cliche: however, if you really take the time to focus on what it means, you can start to practice quieting your mind.  Focus on what you are doing at the exact moment you are doing it.  If you are washing a dish, focus on the water, the soap bubbles and the dish in your hand.  When you take the time to do this, you will be in the moment and not two days from now when something big scheduled.


Everyone has a bsuy schedule: that is a fact.  We all tend to create schedules are overflowing and then complain that we do not have time for ourselves!  Take a good hard look at your schedule and see what you can delete and what you can delegate.  If you are going to have a healthy mind, you need to take care of it as your body, and that means giving it a rest.

One tip for quieting your mind is to put it on your schedule.  Put it in big red pen on your calendar, text yourself a reminder, and place it on your list of things to do this week.  Take time for you.

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