A  Well Kneaded Massage

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Flower Essence Puyallup WA

Providing wellness solutions for stress and injury along with achieving the best of life's potential in a holistic manor

Massage Therapy


1 hour Swedish massage $65

1 hour deep tissue  $75 

1 1/2 hour massage-$95

Hot Stone Massage-(90 min. treatment $149)
 warm stones are strategically placed on  your body combined with coconut massage oil to release tension and restore balance, and positive energy 

Aroma-Touch (45 min treatment $45)
A treatment combining 8 different essential oils combined in a series stimulating the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems to elicit wellness and your bodies own healing process

Auriculotherapy-(30 min. treatment $40)
Ear acupressure that stimulates the nerve connections between the ear and the central nervous system, soothing chronic pain, anxiety, or headaches