A  Well Kneaded Massage

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Providing wellness solutions for stress and injury along with achieving the best of life's potential in a holistic manor

Massage Therapy


1 hour Swedish massage $65

1 hour deep tissue  $75 

1 1/2 hour massage-$95

Hot Stone Massage-(90 min. treatment $149)
 warm stones are strategically placed on  your body combined with coconut massage oil to release tension and restore balance, and positive energy 

Aroma-Touch (45 min treatment 55)
A treatment combining 8 different essential oils combined in a series stimulating the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems to elicit wellness and your bodies own healing process

Auriculotherapy-(30 min. treatment $40)
Ear acupressure that stimulates the nerve connections between the ear and the central nervous system, soothing chronic pain, anxiety, or headaches

Intuitive and Mindful Eating


An approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food.  Mind and body, where you become the expert of your own body.

1 Month Slim Down Program  $195
Create new healthy habits by setting realistic goals that help you stay focused.  Package includes:
1 Wakaya slim down supplemental kit (ask for details)
1- 60 minute assessment and goal setting session
1- nutrition plan
1-30 minute follow up
additional support via email

3 Month Wellness Program $325
Are you tired of the diet roller-coaster and want to  learn how to eat intuitively? package includes:
1-60 minute assessment and goal setting session
6-30 minute phone follow ups 
additional support via email

Life Coaching


Life coaching is a designed alliance between a coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you.  You know the answers to what challenges you, discover what they may be by choosing a course of action to make your life what you want it to be.

Monthly package $165
1-complimentary consultation
1- 60 to 90 minute "design the alliance" first session
1- 30 minute phone call session per week for 3 weeks
unlimited support via email

Flower Essence


Flower essences are liquid, potenized plant preparations which conveys a distinct imprint or ethical pattern of a specific flower.  These remarkable remedies expand our understanding of health-care and recognizes a relationship between body and soul and the interweaving of spiritual,  mental, and emotional aspects of wellness.  
treatment packages will vary in price depending on your specific needs.  
Package includes a complimentary consultation  with questionnaire to determine what essences would be appropriate for your situation and needs.  And a 30 minute REIKI treatment and cost of essences